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I realized the other day that I have over a hundred unposted icons from various and sundry fandoms. I want to go ahead and get most of those posted by the end of the year, so I can begin 2012 with a fresh start. I've decide to divide them up so its not one mega huge icon post. First up are some Disney icons. I'll probably be making one or two multifandom posts in the coming weeks.

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38 multi-fandom icons made for [livejournal.com profile] 20inspirations. This round's theme was epitome, and I'll be honest, I feel like I suck at thinking up epitomes, but in the end, I managed to make 20 icons + several variations/alts. I feel like some of these are rather cliche, though. There aren't enough icons from any single fandom to be worth cross-posting, so you'll likely see most of these again when I make larger, fandom specific posts.

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I made Star Wars icons for the last maker activity @ [livejournal.com profile] magicmachine, and over the course of completing that activity, I came across loads of caps I wanted to icon...way more than needed to complete the task. So I've been on a bit of a Star Wars kick lately and these are the results.

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I've had these sitting around for awhile now from various icon challenges. I've just been too busy/stressed with real life stuff to put together an icon post until now.

1-4 Stargate SG1
5-16 Stargate Atlantis
17-26 Battlestar Galactica
27 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
28-35 Star Trek: Voyager

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[livejournal.com profile] yetanothermask won my auction over at [livejournal.com profile] help_japan and requested icons.

I hope you like them. I made variations/alternations for a few of the requests because I wasn't sure if the cap I picked was what you were thinking of. I had some difficulty finding a decent quality cap of Delenn's hair and profile, so I hope one of those is okay. And the first cap I picked for the Evelyn icon took on a mind of its own. Let me know if any of these aren't what you were looking for, and I can see what else I can come up with. Also, I just noticed your list only had nine requests, and the auction was for 10, so let me know if there's anything else that you want.

15 icons from Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, and Farscape

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1-17 Babylon 5
18-27 Battlestar Galactica
28-33 Katee Sackhoff
34-58 Caprica
59-90 Farscape

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There are mostly flowers and butterflies and such, but there are a few miscellaneous ones in there as well.

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1-3 Beauty & the Best
4-5 The Hunchback of Note Dame
6-8 Mulan
9-12 The Little Mermaid
13-16 The Lion King
17 Jungle Book
18 Cars
19-46 Peter Pan

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Another post to clear out more of my unposted icons, so its a mismatch of odd fandoms. There are a few new ones here, but most of these were made last year.

1-8 Stargate Atlantis
9-12 Stargate Universe
13-19 Gillian Anderson
20-28 The X-Files
29-32 Lost
33-34 Vampire Diaries
35-37 Haven
38-41 Fringe
42-43 Lost Girl
44-48 Serenity
49 Modern Family
50 Avatar
51 The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
52-54 Archer
55 South Park

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Participating in the Best of '10 icon meme reminded me that I still have a number of unposted icons from last year. I hope to get most of those organized and posted in the next few days so I can clear things out and have a fresh start in the new year. To start out, I have some Harry Potter icons.

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1-17 Star Trek: Voyager
18-41 Star Trek: The Motion Picture
42-48 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
49 Star Trek: Original Series
50-59 Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Wallpaper: Star Trek: The Motion Picture

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