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There are mostly flowers and butterflies and such, but there are a few miscellaneous ones in there as well.

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This is a mix of old and new icons. As I mention last week, I have a lot of icons piled up from fandoms and subjects I rarely icon. So I figured I better go ahead and post them before I forget about them. I've had some of these so long, I almost did forget about them until I went looking through my Photobucket this afternoon. I'm also including some flower icons I made from my own photography. I've been wanting to make stock icons from my own photography for awhile, but my muse hasn't been very inspired to do much in the way of stock.

1-10 Stargate Universe
11-18 Stargate SG1
19-24 Doctor Who
25-31 Star Trek: Voyager
32-34 That 70s Show
35 Legend of the Seeker
36-39 Alexis Bledel
40-46 Flowers/plant life
47-52 Miscellaneous stock/text only

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Just a small post of Halloween stuff. I made these for [livejournal.com profile] elite_create and had a lot of alternants. I figured it would be good to share this stuff while its Halloween time. A few of these are Garfield ones.

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Today started with me wanting to do chores and get organized. Unfortunately, I started with organizing the files on my computer, which ended with me finding old miscellaneous icons that I never got around to posting and pics that I saved with the intention of iconing, but never got around to. Suffice it to say, I didn't get any of my other chores done and all I have to show for the day this icon post. A lot of these (especially the stock ones) have been sitting around for ages.

17 stock
18 Lost
10 Star Trek (new movie)
3 Vampire (from [livejournal.com profile] icon_crack)

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Small post of icons cause I have a few fall/Halloween stock icons that should be posted while its the proper season. I also threw in some miscellaneous icons that have been sitting around.

15 Stock (fall, pumpkins, beach, cat)
12 text icons

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