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This is a very eclectic icon dump clearing out 99% of my unposted stuff. Some of these are from fandoms I don't icon very much and I almost forgot I had them.

1-15 Harry Potter
16-22 The Hunger Games
23-29 Indiana Jones
30-32 Bones
33 Once Upon a Time
34-35 That 70s Show
36 Gilmore Girls
37 Wolverine
38-39 Monsters Inc.
40-53 Legend of Korra
54 South Park
55 Family Guy
56 Futurama
57-59 text only

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A couple months ago, I started rewatching Babylon 5. Since then, I've been wanting to make some Babylon 5 icons. These are mostly from season 1, with a few text only quote icons from other season's thrown in the mix.

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This is a mix of old and new icons. As I mention last week, I have a lot of icons piled up from fandoms and subjects I rarely icon. So I figured I better go ahead and post them before I forget about them. I've had some of these so long, I almost did forget about them until I went looking through my Photobucket this afternoon. I'm also including some flower icons I made from my own photography. I've been wanting to make stock icons from my own photography for awhile, but my muse hasn't been very inspired to do much in the way of stock.

1-10 Stargate Universe
11-18 Stargate SG1
19-24 Doctor Who
25-31 Star Trek: Voyager
32-34 That 70s Show
35 Legend of the Seeker
36-39 Alexis Bledel
40-46 Flowers/plant life
47-52 Miscellaneous stock/text only

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Most of these were made for [livejournal.com profile] starttheclock. And just to warn you, I went a little alternate crazy on some of these.

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Small post of icons cause I have a few fall/Halloween stock icons that should be posted while its the proper season. I also threw in some miscellaneous icons that have been sitting around.

15 Stock (fall, pumpkins, beach, cat)
12 text icons

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53 X-Files Icons, including a few from "I Want to Believe." This is my very first post of X-File icons, though I made some of these ages ago.

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Its that time again. I decided to wait til I got voted off of [livejournal.com profile] laura_lims to post my icons, and I lasted waaaay longer than I normally did, so here they all are, plus some entries from several other icontest. :o)


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36 Ferengi Rules of Acquisition and random Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Quote icons.

So several months ago, I heard Quark say something on an episode of Deep Space Nine that just screamed to be iconed. And then last Friday, I remembered another awesome DS9 quote said by Odo that would not leave my head until I iconed it. So, I decided to make a set of DS9 quote icons. And since I had trouble finding good quotes that I wanted to icon, I fell back on the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, which is a GOLD MINE of hilarious sayings.


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