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19 Battlestar Galactica
11 Battletstar Galctica: Blood and Chrome

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Long time, no post. This is a rather eclectic post. Things have been rather busy, so it takes awhile to get enough icons from any given fandom to be worth posting. I also have some miscellaneous icons from fandoms I don't really know from an activity over at [livejournal.com profile] magicmachine, so sorry if they aren't labeled correctly.

1-10 Battlestar Galactica
11-25 Star Wars
26-34 Harry Potter
35-37 Mary Poppins
38-44 Brave
45 Once Upon A Time
46-54 Miscellaneous (True Blood, Vampire Diaries, etc)

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I keep saving up icons in the hopes of getting enough of each fandom to make a decent post, but with so many fandoms I like to icon, I end up with a whole ton of unposted icons collecting dust in my photobucket account. So instead of making lots of little posts, I'm just going to go ahead and make an icon dump with every fandom I have more than 4 icons of.

1-7 Battlestar Galactica
8-15 Star Wars
16-36 Doctor Who
37-57 The Hunger Games
58-81 Harry Potter

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A very small batch. I threw these together last night and this evening for the Writing Images, Iconing Words challenge @ [livejournal.com profile] tvrealm

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1-12 Battlestar Galactica
13-24 Farscape
25-36 Stargate SG-1
37-55 The X-Files

1 banner: Battlestar Galactica-Adama/Rolsin
1 wallpaper: Battlestar Galactica (made from my last Laura Roslin picspam)

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38 multi-fandom icons made for [livejournal.com profile] 20inspirations. This round's theme was epitome, and I'll be honest, I feel like I suck at thinking up epitomes, but in the end, I managed to make 20 icons + several variations/alts. I feel like some of these are rather cliche, though. There aren't enough icons from any single fandom to be worth cross-posting, so you'll likely see most of these again when I make larger, fandom specific posts.

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I've had these sitting around for awhile now from various icon challenges. I've just been too busy/stressed with real life stuff to put together an icon post until now.

1-4 Stargate SG1
5-16 Stargate Atlantis
17-26 Battlestar Galactica
27 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
28-35 Star Trek: Voyager

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[livejournal.com profile] yetanothermask won my auction over at [livejournal.com profile] help_japan and requested icons.

I hope you like them. I made variations/alternations for a few of the requests because I wasn't sure if the cap I picked was what you were thinking of. I had some difficulty finding a decent quality cap of Delenn's hair and profile, so I hope one of those is okay. And the first cap I picked for the Evelyn icon took on a mind of its own. Let me know if any of these aren't what you were looking for, and I can see what else I can come up with. Also, I just noticed your list only had nine requests, and the auction was for 10, so let me know if there's anything else that you want.

15 icons from Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, and Farscape

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1-17 Babylon 5
18-27 Battlestar Galactica
28-33 Katee Sackhoff
34-58 Caprica
59-90 Farscape

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3 Dances with Wolves
14 Battlestar Galactica
12 Caprica
31 The X-Files
4 Gillian Anderson
6 Miscellaneous actresses (Isla Fisher, Bryce Dallas Howard, Francia Raisa, Alexis Bledel)

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I have a lot of unposted icons lying around, mostly because I like to post in batches by fandom and try to wait until I have enough so its worth posting. And today, I noticed I have enough to make a BSG post. At some point in the future, I'll probably make a miscellaneous icon post of all the fandoms and subjects I don't icon very often, otherwise, I'll forget and they'll never get posted at all.

49 Battlestar Galactica
1 Mary McDonnell

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I haven't been making too much in photoshop lately...been too busy. I have a lot of small collections of icons from a variety of different fandoms that I may lump together later in a multifandom post. For today, I bring you all the BSG stuff I have lying around.

27 icons
1 header
1 wallpapers

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Most of these were made for [livejournal.com profile] starttheclock. And just to warn you, I went a little alternate crazy on some of these.

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A few people mentioned they would like to have a wallpaper sized version of this 200x200 BSG graphic I made for [livejournal.com profile] starttheclock:

As luck would have it, the textures I used on it were originally wallpaper sized, so I was able to make wallpaper versions fairly easily. They aren't exactly the same as the original, so my apologies if they don't look as cool as the smaller version.

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32 Battlestar Galactica icons
19 Stargate SG1 icons
3 BSG graphics

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NOTE: I actually started writing this over several weeks ago, but RL stuff got in the way and I just got around to finishing this today, lol.

I was asked if I could make a tutorial on how I extend caps, but the approach I take varies depending on the nature of the cap, so I'll probably do more than one of these. I'm starting off with a simple one. Next one (when ever I get around to doing it) will be more complicated where I extend a cap that has a pattern or lines in the background. But for now....

How to go from: to:

Using Photoshop Elements 6

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