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1-9 Farscape
10-25 Stargate SG1
26-27 Stargate Universe
28 Star Trek: TOS
29-30 Star Trek Into Darkness
31 Star Trek Voyager
32-33 Star Wars

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A combination of multifandom icons made for the secret santa activity at [livejournal.com profile] magicmachine and requests I took in honor of [livejournal.com profile] big_blue_bin's 5th anniversary.

1-7 Haven
8-12 The Good Wife
13-19 Fringe
20-30 Once Upon A Time
31-33 Downton Abbey
34-36 Farscape
37-38 Doctor Who
39-41 Dead Like Me
42 The Tudors
43-44 Adventure Time
45 Star Trek: Voyager
46-48 Emma Watson
49 The Hunger Games
50 The Last of the Mohicans
51 Prince Caspian
52-56 Garfield

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1-17 Star Trek: Voyager
18-21 Star Trek: The Next Generation
22-28 Star Trek: The Original Series characters

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I've had these sitting around for awhile now from various icon challenges. I've just been too busy/stressed with real life stuff to put together an icon post until now.

1-4 Stargate SG1
5-16 Stargate Atlantis
17-26 Battlestar Galactica
27 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
28-35 Star Trek: Voyager

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1-17 Star Trek: Voyager
18-41 Star Trek: The Motion Picture
42-48 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
49 Star Trek: Original Series
50-59 Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Wallpaper: Star Trek: The Motion Picture

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I have a mishmash of icons from various fandoms laying around in my photobucket. I keep putting off posting because I never feel like I have enough of a certain subject to post, and then I forget I have them. So today, I just picked 3 fandoms and decided to post them. I might be making another post in the next week or so if I feel like I have enough of another fandom. I'm currently working on some Babylon 5 icons, after recently completing a rewatch of the series, so I'm hoping to have a nice B5 batch in a few weeks.

1-13 Dr. Who
14-37 Stargate Universe
38-57 Star Trek Voyager

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This is a mix of old and new icons. As I mention last week, I have a lot of icons piled up from fandoms and subjects I rarely icon. So I figured I better go ahead and post them before I forget about them. I've had some of these so long, I almost did forget about them until I went looking through my Photobucket this afternoon. I'm also including some flower icons I made from my own photography. I've been wanting to make stock icons from my own photography for awhile, but my muse hasn't been very inspired to do much in the way of stock.

1-10 Stargate Universe
11-18 Stargate SG1
19-24 Doctor Who
25-31 Star Trek: Voyager
32-34 That 70s Show
35 Legend of the Seeker
36-39 Alexis Bledel
40-46 Flowers/plant life
47-52 Miscellaneous stock/text only

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I don't normally like to do multifandom posts with more than 2 or 3 fandoms, but some of these are fandoms that I rarely icon or that I may not make anymore icons of, so I figured I go ahead and include them here before I forget about them entirely.

5 That 70s Show
2 Gilmore Girls
1 Kyle XY
19 Lost
6 Farscape
6 Star Trek (2009 movie and Voyager)

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Icons from the fandoms I rarely ever make icons in, so some of these have been sitting around for a LONG time because I hate posting only one or two icons from a fandom.

8 Star Wars
15 Star Trek: Voyager
7 Babylon 5

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